Friday, September 3

CPEC is awesome!

We went to CPEC today for our initial interview. What an amazing place that is. It was so inspiring to see all the kids using their different ways of communicating and then we saw them trying to walk in different kinds of frames and things. Such an amazing supportive place. We met some of the physios and the OT's and the speechies, all lovely people. We were going along thinking that we might not get in or that we might not be accepted, but the way the lady was talking was like we'd already been accepted! We are so happy Holly can go there. She will be one of only 4 accepted into their baby program, We feel so lucky.
We left there at midday after a 9:30 appointment.
I had a great afternoon too with a visit from a great friend of mine. We just sat around gossiping and solving the problems of the world! We had a mini party with party pies and chocolate for lunch!
A good day in general.

Thursday, September 2

Far out its been AGES!

I can't believe how long its been since I posted. Nearly a month - how did I survive??!!
Holly got out of hospital OK, my previous blog was not the only run in I had with the nurses at the hospital. I had this absolutely nasty nasty piece of work who tried telling me that Holly's meds couldn't go down the g-tube! As soon as I questioned her about it, she got really nasty towards me. Pulled in the doctors and was being a complete bitch. Anyway, I ended up getting a full apology from the head nurse because of her! I was quite pleased with that. I didn't even mention anything to her - the other nurse who was on duty at the time wrote a letter of complaint about her about how rude the nasty one was to me! Anyway, we never ever have to go back there again - ever!!
So once we were out of hospital we hit full gear packing and getting ready for the move. She came home on the Sunday and we moved that Friday so we were full ball that week. We settled on Friday after spending all morning cleaning up at the Seaford house, we got to the new house and had to clean it. The house stank of stale cigarette smoke and fake yucky air freshener. We stayed here on Friday night, but only just - the smell was awful. The painters arrived at 7:30 on Saturday morning and got to work. We had 5 guys do the whole house and they got it all finished by 5 on Sunday. We stayed up at my Dad's while the painting was going on. Crazy crazy days. We had things cleaned out and painted by Monday so I guess you could say we were completely in by the Monday.
I also became an aunt! William Lucas was born on the 16th of August - same day as his mummy! I don't think I'd be telling out of turn that it kind of hit home a little bit. Having another baby in the family, knowing that they are going to be able to do a lot more than Holly can very quickly, its going to be hard. nothing I can do about it, but its going to be hard. It is very exciting being an aunt!
What else....
I can't remember too much more at this stage. We are in the middle of organising the kitchen renovations, we;ve got a little bit of money left from the settlement of the other house so we want to do the kitchen as soon as possible. So we are picking colours and organising tiles and things.
I went to a funeral yesterday. I was so inspired by the parents, A & P. A was amazing. She had her little boy at 26 weeks and he lived for 20 days. The coffin was so small. A was so strong, I just can't imagine what she is going through, and yet, its something that is constantly in the back of my mind. I don't want to think about the pain.
Holly has been back to a few different doctors in recent weeks too. The opthomologist was a bit of a waste of time. I paid her $130 to tell me that everything is the same and I'll see her again in 6 months. Thanks!
She also went back to the neurologist for her little seizures. We have started on Epilim which is an anti convulsing medication. It doesn't seem to be doing anything at the moment, but she is on a very very mild dose, we have to increase it on the weekend. She also went back for another EEG yesterday. She looked very very cute with the little cap on. She looks cute anyway, but she was extra cute with the cap on!
SO that's about it for the last month - well what I can remember anyway! I'm sure I'll remember more later, but I should have a bit more time to catch up on more blogging now we are getting more settled.