Friday, December 3

Happy First Birthday my beautiful girl

I can't belive we got her here!
Its been such an amazing, joyous, heart breaking, scarey year. I just don't know how many adjectives I can use! Unbelieveable.
L was really emotional all day, we both were really. It was a busy day, we had to vote and pick up baloons and cake and a few bits a pieces. I wasn't ready by the time people started arriving, but that's become normal now!
We had a great afternoon. Heaps of people here, its really nice to know we are so well supported. I can't remember what I said in my speech, but L made a lovely speech and made everyone cry!
The last people left after midnight, but that's OK they are close family friends. We were just sitting out on the deck having a few wines. I really didn't feel the wine, I think cause I'd been sipping all day rather than drinking - I was too busy trying to get to everyone.
Holly was quite unsettled throughout the day. I really think that it was all the noise and everyone getting up in her face. She just got grumpy and she did a big spew all over the gorgeous skirt that my bestie S made. I felt bad cause she didn't even see Holly in it! We gave her some panadol to try to settle her a bit, she had a sleep and woke up at about midnight - but she decided that she would be wide awake and in a really good mood! She didn't go to sleep until after 3. So even though everyone had left, Holly and I were just sitting up in the lounge.
L and I did very little on Sunday. Our parents called in to help clean up, but I'd already done it.

A catch up...

Since her seizure its been quite eventfull around here.
That was on a Tuesday night.... that week was pretty busy with appointments, then L had soccer on Friday night and I was bathing Holly when she fell out of her bath chair. She arches a lot and she just arched and fell into the water. I took her over to the hospital just to check that she hadn't aspirated any water. They did some x rays and found she was all clear so we got to go home after about 5 hours. Then she was great over that weekend. We were just running around finishing off some house renovations. Until Monday morning. She started breathing really funny - almost like an asthma attack and she was running a high temperature. I put her in the car and took her back to the hospital - third time in a week! So the triage nurse didn't make us wait, we went straight in. She was really distressed and crying and not nice at all. So they did more x-rays of her chest to see if there was an infection - that came back clear, they did x-rays of her abdomen in case there was an obstruction - that came back clear, they did three UTI tests - two came back positive and one negative. Mind you, that last one was after she'd been on an IV drip for about 4 hours. She was only OK when she'd had panadol, so they just kept dosing her up on panadol. They couldn't find anything wtong with her though. They kept her in overnight just to make sure she was OK overnight. By morning she had drunk all her breakfast and lunch so they let us go home. It was a mystery illness. I have no idea why she was sick - neither do the doctors!
So that was Monday and Tuesday pretty much taken care of. Then Wednesday and Thursday was full of getting ready for Holly's party. Friday L took off work so he could help get the house ready. We did things like pick up the tables and chairs from my dad's and set up decorations etc. Saturday was her birthday. She made it to one!