Sunday, April 17

Lazy sunday afternoon

Its a very lazy day today. I had a sleep in, got up and had a hot cross bun for breaky. We got dressed, dropped Holly off at my dad's and went out to the valley. We had a poke around the farmers market at Yering station, then went to the dairy for a yummy cheese platter, then picked up some strawberries before heading back to pick Holly up. L and Holly are now asleep on the couch.
We've not had a very eventfull few weeks since the last post really - just plodding along.
We got rid of Holly's green wheel chair that we've had for about 6 months. It was good while we had it, but we don't need it any more and she can't sit in it for the moment while she has her saw hip so its good that its gone from the house. I'm really pleased that the physio came and picked it up - I'm equally pleased that we don't ever have to see that particular physio again! I'd forgotted how much she annoyed me until she was in the house again. I'm very pleased we don't have to deal with her.
No other dramas really!

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  1. Prue, what a nice day... good weather, wine, cheese, and time for your and hubby.. Doesnt get much better than that... x