Wednesday, September 7

Since June? Really?

Hard to think its been THAT long!
So much has happened!
She is doing AWESOME!
We've been in and out of hospital a few times, she's had a PEG put in & her hips operated on.
The PEG is fantastic!
I've started her on a "blenderised food" diet - where I blitz everything in our new thermomix. I'm loving it & she's been in really good moods & is doing 'normal' poos!

As a general rule, we are ace! I'm coping with everything so much better, I'm really comfortable with the way things are & she is healthy & happy - can't ask for much more than that!


  1. Ive missed your posts... Love love love this post. I am so glad that Holly & YOU are doing so well. xx

  2. Completely agree with Melissa's post :) Lovely to hear that you are both doing so well and of course lovely to see that Huckleberry Market was so successful too! Love hearing your updates